About Us

Welcome to the Revolution.

Everything starts from an idea. Without a voice they are nothing other than brief flashes of insight that fade into obscurity. But...ideas can shake the world if given even the smallest voice. They can become a shout. They can become a chant.

They can become a movement that shakes the entire world.

In 2009 the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto laid the foundation for the Revolution - We at N9 Designs wear that torch proudly.

N9 Designs started off as a hair brained idea between two friends after too many beers and not enough sense. The discussion devolved and emotions ran high when the failings of the current financial system was brought up. Unlimited money printing, rampant inflation, lack of privacy, unequal access to capital - you name it and we bitched about it. We were pissed. We were furious. And most of all we were helpless. The fiat system has been in place for thousands of years and we couldn't hope to convince our friends, families or strangers that the solution was right there in front of us ripe for the taking.

We finally realized that maybe convincing people with impassioned speech wasn't the answer. Maybe all we had to do was wear the Revolution and do our part to spur questions from curious onlookers. Maybe all we had to do was wear our beliefs on our sleeves.

The movement started with two and now we are 9.

Join the Revolution.